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BEIL announced as the official system partner of Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA)


BEIL Registersysteme GmbH: Technology leadership for the future

At this year’s IFRA Expo, Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) will present a novel automated plate logistics concept under the name of KBA PlateTrans, a concept jointly developed with BEIL Registersysteme GmbH. At the same time, BEIL will officially be introduced as KBA’s new partner. As a modular automated building block, the plate transfer system between the CTP pre-stage and the printing machine will increase the productivity and efficiency of high-end newspaper production.

The machinery of modern newspaper printing shops can roughly be divided into three segments: the fully automated CTP pre-stage in which data is exposed on the printing plates, the fully automated printing machine in which the data is printed in color on paper, and, the most manual transport system in between, which has existed in this form for many years. BEIL Registersysteme GmbH, based in Abensberg (Germany), has set itself a clear goal: To enhance the efficiency reserves present in the manual transport system, to increase productivity in newspaper print and to shorten the time required between the release of data for exposure and the printing of the newspaper.

From the first ideas a few years ago, a modular building block concept was developed for an automated system that is easily and flexibly added to almost all CTP pre-stages and printing machines. The plate transfer system is an individual building block that, given the continuous development of large printers, is easily adaptable to changing system environments and thereby guarantees long-term investment security.

As a producer of large printing machines, Koenig & Bauer AG has taken the plate logistics system developed by BEIL and adapted it to its compact rotation Cortina and Commander CT. Koenig & Bauer AG’s decision was based on the fact that, with regard to the newspaper printers’ future requirements, media and wage pressured companies in- and outside of Europe are increasingly looking for the necessary flexibility and deciding in favor of highly automated, compact systems.

More information regarding the new printing machines with the BEIL plate logistics system will be shared by KBA at the IFRA Expo Press Conference on October 12th at 1.30 p.m. in the ‘Schubert4’ room at the Vienna Conference Center.
BEIL Registersysteme will be located at the IFRA Expo in Hall B, Stand 710. KBA is located next door at Stand 610.

BEIL presents / web-offset printing system solutions


Visit BEIL at the IFRA Expo in Amsterdam – Stand 8.100 (Hall 8)

Handling printing plate equipment for newspaper printing poses two main challenges: ensuring a high level of capacity so that the handling of printing plates will not become a bottleneck, and a sophisticated internal logistics that includes the complete process from CTP plate setter to final printing. BEIL Registersysteme GmbH, based in Abensberg, Germany, presents comprehensive answers to these challenges at this year’s IFRA Expo in Amsterdam (October 27th to 30th).

In recent months BEIL Registersysteme GmbH has expanded its automatic equipment product offering for the handling of printing plates. This strategy also encompasses the globally valid sales agreements with two leading manufacturer: Berth, based in Gladenbach, Germany, and 2B Präzision, based in Forstern, Germany. To confidently position itself as a system integrator in the near future, BEIL Registersysteme GmbH has strengthened its development team with additional specialists who add many years of experience and expertise to this specific market segment.

The readers of newspapers require only one thing: the latest information at their fingertips. Even if something newsworthy has occurred at midnight, readers expect to read at least a background story in the morning edition. What hinders many newspaper printers from meeting this expectation is the complex printing plates material flow from CTP Plate setter to printing. To eliminate the latent reserves in this logistical process it is important to have a sophisticated internal logistics process. Today, it is a rational transition that BEIL Registersysteme GmbH not only defines itself as an equipment manufacturer but also as a systems integrator responsible for a seamless pre-press process flow. To provide this service the company works together with leading specialists, for example in the field of internal logistics, to define and establish common interfaces and to plan the complete system.

BEIL Registersysteme GmbH will show a typical example of its solution competence at this year’s IFRA Expo in Amsterdam, the leading European trade show for the news publishing industry. The company will not only demonstrate the handling of printing plates, but will also illustrate how productivity improvements that offer fast return on investment can be made across operations in large printing houses. BEIL’s concepts ensure that installed equipment can continue to be used and that investments are secured for the long term.